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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day


To celebrate Earth Day, we've partnered with 1% For The Planet. This is part of our on-going commitment to help the planet.

This partnership will extend further than just today, it will be a constant process for us to give back to the environment. With 1% of our annual revenue (whether or not we are profitable) being donated to charities within the 1% for the Planet network. This helps us to do even more good with every order placed with us at AYM.

“The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.” — Yvon Chouinard [founder of Patagonia & 1% for the planet]

You can learn more about 1% for the planet here:

Other commitments we've made:

We design all of our products to last.

    Through using high quality production techniques, we are dedicated to making garments that will last. So that you can wear them often and for a long time. 

    We design our products to be worn often.

      By making our clothing versatile, flattering and comfortable we want them to be the garments that you wear over and over again. The more that you wear (and enjoy wearing) your favourite garments, the less you need to purchase new items. Thus, reducing the impact on consumption in fashion.

      We ship green.

        All of our parcels are shipped with UPS Carbon Off-Set initiative. This ensures that any carbon used during the shipping process of our parcels is off set with carbon reducing initiatives. This is managed by UPS. We contribute a payment on every parcel we ship in order to ensure the reduction of our carbon footprint.

        We are committed to purchasing sustainable fabrics.

        We made an internal pledge to only purchase new fabrics when they are sustainable and ethical. This process involves us having transparent dialogue with our suppliers to ensure that the fabrics are certified and that we can find out as much as possible from the development of the fabric, from the very start. We are aiming to provide traceability on fabrics, so that you will be able to understand where the fabric has originated from as well as the processes involved in turning it into fabric, before arriving with us to become a garment.

        We're not there yet with our whole range. We do still have previous purchases of poly based fabrics that we need to work through. In order to counteract the impact of these fabrics, we are determined to use these fabrics in garments that will have a versatile and long life use as a garment. We therefore design versatile, comfortable and minimalist aesthetic products when using these fabrics, to ensure that the fabric is put to good use. We also recommend washing these garments using micro-fibre filter bags in order to reduce the release of any micro-fibres. We are dedicated to finding sustainable alternatives to our poly fabric options, currently we have only been able to find recycled versions. If you know of any fabric suppliers or mills that are creating fabrics sustainably and ethically, that hold the same properties as a fabric of 95% polyester, 5% elastane, please get in touch with us as we would love to learn more.

        We never over-produce. We make to order wherever we can. 

          On over 60% of orders placed through our website we make the garments only once an order is received. This means that we are creating only what is necessary to create based on demand. The industry standard would be to produce a minimum quantity of a style and then wait for demand from customers in order to sell through - this can result in left over stock. Whenever we produce stock, it is only ever based on consumer demand for certain styles reaching our threshold. Making to order does have it's limitations when we start to receive larger volumes of certain styles, it's more effective for us to produce batches of stock to support our team. This allows us to create lay plans for cutting out the fabric when making larger volumes, saving on fabric wastage - we can get more garments out of the same roll of fabric by doing this.

          We have a small carbon footprint in our supply chain.

          Our supply chain exists within one building, in Sussex, U.K. Our team is all together here, which means that our processes are a few physical steps apart. This means that instead of having samples and production located across the globe, we are able to control the carbon footprint of our product development and supply chain processes. We design, sample and manufacture within one building.

          We are ethical.

          We pay above the living wage to all of our team. We are members of Brighton Living Wage, a local organisation that is encouraging businesses to commit to paying the living wage. 

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