Slow Down Fast Fashion

Black Friday is a great opportunity to save some money on purchases, so that you can treat yourself as well as getting presents for your loved ones. 

Unfortunately Black Friday also has a lot of negative impacts on the world, generated by over production of products and slashed supply prices in order to heavily discount - leading to unethical practices within supply chains. Along with over consumption of products through panic buying, often leading to waste. 

We want to reduce the negative impacts of Black Friday. Here we take a moment to carefully discuss our sale, so that you can shop with a clear conscience.

At AYM we are passionate about ethical fashion. We want to make it easy to shop ethically, at full price and when we apply a discount. 

Discounted Products

During the Black Friday period we will be discounting a range of our stock. The stock that we are discounting in our sale is:

  • End of line items. These are garments that have been returned to AYM after the design is no longer sold on our website (in 2019 we have enforced a method where we remove 'new arrivals' following a period of testing the demand, so that we don't over-order on stock)
  • Excess stock. Styles that we have over-ordered on (in 2019 we have implemented processes to reduce over-ordering).  
  • Stock that is labelled as 'Boom Boom the Label' following our re-brand to AYM.

We want AYM garments to be worn often and to ensure that they are cherished by the customer who purchases them. As with all of our garments, this discounted clothing has been made Ethically in England. 

The stock volumes have been created over the past couple of years, through  styles that are returned to us as well as designs that we over produced stock on during  2017 and 2018 (we have implemented processes within 2019 to reduce over ordering in the future).

None of the stock being discounted has purposefully been produced for the sale. The discounts offered here effect the profit margins on the business as a whole. The individuals who produced the garments did not receive reduced wages for producing these items. 

Shipping Rates

We are able to offer reduced shipping rates during the sale period due to our expected increased volumes in sales. 


In order to reduce any late orders we have put in place measures so that our team can be as efficient with processing orders during this busy time of year. This means we have opted for mailing bags to ship our sale orders. These mailing bags are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. The same applies to the interior garment bags. Please make sure to recycle all packaging when you receive your order. 

Making A Purchase

We recommend referring to our 'Before You Buy' checklist to ensure that you are 100% happy with the purchase you make. We want you to love and cherish the garments that you order, whether they be full priced or discounted. They should still be loved for a long time and worn as often as possible. 

Revenue & Profits

We will be using revenue and profits generated from the Sale to invest in our sustainable processes. We have set internal targets to make ourselves 100% sustainable, with the biggest challenge being investment needed in sustainable fabrics.