Made to Order vs Readily Available

When you shop with us you will find our products in two main categories: Made to Order and Readily Available

We have put our products into these categories as we have been experiencing delays on processing our made to order items. We have therefore created a bit of extra stock in most popular styles so that customers can purchase these with slightly faster delivery times.

We are doing everything we can to catch up on delays and we are hopeful that by having two distinct product categories it will allow greater clarity on which items will be shipped immediately and which items may be subject to longer delays.

Comparison Chart

 Made To Order

Readily Available

Purchase button on product page:

Purchase button on product page:

Made to Order items will be delivered within 4 - 6 weeks. This time frame includes making time.

 Readily available items will ship immediately. Shipping times will vary depending on where you live.

Full refunds and exchanges are available on Made to Order items.

Full refunds and exchanges are available on Readily Available items.


Custom Made

Custom made items are different to the above. These pieces are made uniquely for you to fit your specific body measurements. Custom made items are not eligible for refunds. You can order these here.