Wherever you see this symbol, or see a product described as 'Double Layered' it means that this product is approved with the DOUBLE LAYERED seal of approval.

Double layered means that the garment has been hand made using two layers of our jersey fabric. We do this because it allows for a seamless finish both inside and out, creating a high-quality garment. 

For you, this high quality fabric technique creates a heavy weight to the fabric. This weight supports your body, enhancing your figure and shaping your form, to hold you and flatter your figure in all the right places. 

In addition to this, the DOUBLE LAYERED technique also means that the only person that see’s your underwear is you. We’ve got you covered…Even if you don’t want to wear any underwear at all! 

Main benefits of Double Layered fabric:

  • Support and control the body.
  • Create 'lift' for the bust with the supportive fabric. This is particularly useful on backless styles where it is often difficult to wear a bra; the double layered fabric is supportive enough for you to feel comfortable without a bra.
  • Flatter the figure with shaping fabric.
  • Avoid the garment being see-through. The extra layer acts to prevent the garmnet from being see-through. 

We are proud of this finish and wearing it you should be too. We want you to feel your most confident and comfortable in every moment.