Custom Service Update

It is with regret that we are unable to continue offering the Custom Made service. We have been struggling with the provision of this service for a while and have had to make the decision to remove it from our offering.
Custom made items are individually created and there is a great deal of resources that go into each garment. Although we loved creating custom garments, it became unmanageable for the strain on our resources, the time taken to create each garment and the cost implications of this service for our business as a whole.
We are committed to offering the highest quality garments. We are channelling our focus into our sustainability work, investments in fabrics and production techniques that ensure the garments we make are of the highest quality.
We also want to ensure a fantastic fit for you when you shop with us and understand that custom made was a useful service in assisting with getting a perfect fit. The majority of our garments are created using a degree of stretch within the fabric to allow for flexibility on sizing. This helps to provide a fit that adjusts to your body without being rigid and uncomfortable.
If you'd like our help in finding the best size for your figure, please let us know your body measurements and we will look forward to helping you find a garment you love. We can also help you to get your measurements if you'd like more guidance.
Contact us for help with finding the right fit.