Carbon Neutral

Every time we ship an order, we balance out the environmental impact of shipping with a carbon off set.

Shipping packages worldwide, directly to consumers adds green house gases to the environment with the use of planes, trucks and cars. We are dedicated to eradicating the negative impacts of this shipping process.

This is why we off set 100% of the parcels that we ship. We work in collaboration with UPS to monitor the carbon impacts and to sufficiently off set these with positive solutions to ensure we neutralise the impact of our shipping processes. 

In order to do this we pay an additional price on every parcel that we ship with UPS to specially contribute to the carbon neutralisation programme.

What is a carbon off-set?

Every time a parcel is shipped, we pay a contribution towards neutralising the carbon through processes such as planting trees, that physically remove carbon from the atmosphere.

It's called an 'off-set' because it balances itself out, the carbon created in shipping is removed through the off-set - effectively eradicating the carbon impact of our shipping processes. 

How does it work?

We work with UPS, who in turn collaborate with the Carbon Neutral Protocol ( to contribute towards their carbon off-set programme. The investment goes to support environmental projects, such as protecting forests and planting trees that absorb carbon. As well as investing in sustainable energy solutions that generate clean power to replace fossil fuels.

Why does this matter?

At AYM we are devoted to making a positive difference in this world. We all rely on the planet that we live on and we must be proactive in neutralising our negative impacts.