Australian Fire Appeal

The devastating impacts of the fires in Australia has broken our hearts. We feel deeply hurt as we watch the destruction. It's hard to know how to stay positive when the world is literally burning.

We wish we could send the rain from England to Australia to put out the fires. But until we develop real super powers, we are doing our bit through donations. 

We can make an immediate difference through donations to support the charities and organisations who are working tirelessly around the clock to help. 

Long term, we have to take steps that will create changes to help this planet for the better. (We explore these long term solutions at the bottom of this page.)


We have teamed up with Clearpay and the Australian Red Cross's Bushfire Appeal to help raise vital funding to support Australia in this time of crisis. 

On Thursday, 9th January 2020, Clearpay (AKA Afterpay) are donating one Australian dollar for every order that comes through Clearpay. 

  • Purchase using Clearpay (select 'Pay with Clearpay' at the checkout) 
  • Purchase on the 9th January 2020

We've donated and will continue to donate as much as possible to help the charities listed below. 10% of turnover from 7th January was donated to WWF.


FAQs for the Bushfire Appeal

  • What happens if I buy something on the day and then return it? No problem. Clearpay will honour the initial AU$1.
  • Who is behind this Bushfire Appeal? The Afterpay group, which Clearpay is a part of, have joined forces with Australian Red Cross to raise funds for the communities and families devastated by the bushfires currently raging in Australia. Find out more here 
  • What do Clearpay do? Clearpay is a payment service that means you can buy what you want today, and pay for it in four instalments, interest-free. It’s sometimes known as a buy-now-pay-later service.
  • So can I donate directly to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal using Clearpay and donate in 4 interest-free instalments? Unfortunately not. Even though Clearpay is an easy integration for thousands of companies, we decided to crack on with the fund raise rather than hold it up with technical integration.
  • How can I donate? Any orders placed on 9th January 2020 will automatically see $1 AUD donated to Australian Red Cross. You can donate directly to the fund here. The donation form is in Aussie dollars. To give you an idea of exchange rate, AU$50 is just over £26. And AU$20 is just under £11* Here’s the link again
  • Why is it in Australian dollars The funds raised are being donated directly to the Australian Red Cross’s Bushfire Appeal, and the Australian Red Cross only accepts donations in Aussie dollars.
  • Can I donate in pound sterling? No, not through this fund raise. To give you an idea of exchange rate, AU$50 is just over £26. And AU$20 is just under £11* Here’s the link again
  • How long have I got to donate? We will keep the fund raise open at least until the end of January 2020, but we really want to make a big impact as soon as possible. So if you can, donate now.

According to the NSW RFS donations are the best way to help right now. Here is a list of Charities that are helping Australia: 

  1. Australian Red Cross 
  2. Salvation Army Disaster Appeal 
  3. St Vincent De Paul Society Bush Fire Appeal
  4. Fire Fighters: NSW RFS Donations
  5. Wires - Wildlife Rescue
  6. Koala's in Care
  7. WWF 

Long Term 

Our environment is vulnerable. Our planet needs help long term in order to create the corrective changes that we need to see. The negative impacts that Global Warming are having on the planet are evidenced through catastrophic disasters such as the Australian fires. It's frightening. 

"The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependant on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it." - David Attenborough. 

At AYM, we want to do our best for the planet, long term. We want to make substantial impact in this world. We want to be proactive, getting ahead of the problems and making progress to create preventative solutions. 

Throughout the year of 2020 and into the future, we are taking further steps towards pursuing our big sustainability targets.

Our goals at AYM:

  1. Be fully cyclical with our production. 
  2. Continue creating our clothing Ethically. Raise awareness about the importance of Ethically Made products. 
  3. Be transparent about our processes; including the areas in which we still need to improve. Let us know if there is more information you want to see. We will share it. 
  4. Provide insights, knowledge and awareness about how our habits as consumers can impact the world. Provide guidance. 
  5. Inspire other companies to make changes for the better. 

PLANET PLEDGE - join us in making long term changes. 

Together we can make a difference. 

If you have any questions; please contact our team at