7 Forms of Sustainable Fashion

1. On Demand / Custom Made / Made to Order

Our new products are all made to order, until the demand requires that we then build stock. When we do make stock, we are lean with our production. It's often less wasteful overall to create stock of our garments as at this point we are able to plan the fabric consumption more accurately and reduce the time taken on each garment (reducing the electricity & carbon impact).

2. Green & Clean

Carbon-off sets. 50% made to order. cardboard packaging. recycled plastic wherever plastic is used. Supply chain is within one building, reducing carbon footprint usually existing in fashion supply chains. 

We are working hard to secure a sustainable alternative to the polyester based fabrics that we work with. 

3. High Quality & Timeless

We design with a focus on timelessness. We want our garments to transcend seasons and remain the pieces that 

4. Fair & Ethical. Including animals. 

Ethical production. No animals. 

5. Repair, Redesign & Upcycle.

We guide our csutomers on repairs to avoid additional shipping impacts. But we can also fix garments if  they are sent back to us.

Statement items we can repurpose into other designs for customers.  

6. Rent, Lease / Swap

We encourgae our customers to swap clothes. 

7. Secondhard & Vintage.  

We sell samples on our Depop account.