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Cost Per Wear

Cost Per Wear

The cost of an item is directly related to how often you wear it. High quality garments may be initially more expensive, but the longer they last and the more that you wear them, the more cost effective they become.



To calculate the cost per wear:

Initial Garment Price (RRP)

divided by

the number of times that you wear it 


  • By investing in quality garments, not only are you getting something that you'll feel proud to wear, but you get something that you will wear over and over again.
  • The quality of the garment also means that it is worth repairing, adding further lifespan to the garment. It's unlikely you'll spend money to repair a £20 dress, but you will be more compelled to repair a £100 dress. 
  • To extend the life span of your garments, we recommend following our Care Guide.

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