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We have a duty of care

To do things differently

This year we're changing how we do Black Friday and here's why...

Our mission is to make clothing that looks good, feels good and does good. To do good, we must protect the planet.


Black Friday has propelled the polluting impacts of shopping. According to; "online shopping on Black Friday this year is predicted to release around 429,000 tonnes of carbon emissions". Furthermore a staggering "80% of items - and any plastic packaging they are wrapped in - will end up in landfill" following the Black Friday period [according to].


We have considered the impact we create during Black Friday. We didn't want to create over-consumption through heavy discounts that would encourage impulse purchases and massive increases in volume of orders that would ultimately have negative repercussions for the planet. However there is a balance to strike. Through conversations with our customers we recognise that especially during tough times, like those we are experiencing at the moment, Black Friday does provide a chance for many people to shop for themselves and their loved ones at an accessible price point. We recognise that there is a reliance on discounts offered during Black Friday to help our customer's afford the items they have been consciously saving for. 


We believe there is an opportunity to meet in the middle. To counteract some of the negative impacts of Black Friday while still offering value to our customers. Ultimately, to do overall good during this time.


This Black Friday, on the 25th November, we will launch our 10 10 initiative, in collaboration with the World Land Trust.


We are offering a 10% discount site wide and will be donating 10% of sales to the World Land Trust. It's 10 for you and 10 for the planet. Through this initiative we hope to achieve balance and harmony between people and planet, which is exactly what we stand for all year round.


With love,

AYM + World Land Trust


In Partnership

together we can

Protect the Planet

Habitat loss is the greatest threat facing wildlife worldwide. We believe that by protecting land, acre by acre, we are taking the best action to ensure a future for wildlife.

For every £100 donation to the Buy an Acre programme one acre of habitat will be protected.

Photo taken by Jessica Stewart for World Land Trust. This image shows an area that World Land Trust works in partnership with REGUA in Brazil to conserve the Atlantic Rainforest of the upper Guapi Assu river basin, near the city of Rio de Janeiro.

10 10 FAQs

What are the dates?

10.10 will run from Friday 25th November until Monday 28th November.

Where will my donation go?

10% of sales will be donated directly to World Land Trust.

This will be donated towards WLT's Buy an Acre campaign.

World Land Trust works with its network of trusted conservation partners all around the world, who have been evaluated and visited to ensure that they have the experience, knowledge and good track record to create and protect wildlife reserves that you are helping them protect.

Learn More Here

What discount will I get?

There is a site wide 10% Discount.

This is applied automatically at the checkout.

How do I apply the discount?

The discount will be applied automaitically, you will not need a discount code.

Please note it will not work in correlation with other discount codes.

What items are included?

Everything that is visible on our website during the Black Friday weekend is applicable for a discount and donation.

Why World Land Trust?

We have been thoroughly impressed by the commitment that World Land Trust have to the protection of our planet.

You can learn more about the World Land Trust here:

Keeping the habitats safe

Buying the land is the first crucial step. Once it is in the ownership of the World Land Trust's partners, it cannot be purchased by other landowners who may want to clear the habitat for cattle ranching or agriculture.

World Land Trust

Has successfully funded the protection of 2.4 Million acres so far. The Amazon rainforest alone spans 1.6 Billion acres, so there is more work to be done.

How does it work?

World Land Trust works with its network of trusted conservation partners all around the world, who have been evaluated and visited to ensure that they have the experience, knowledge and good track record to create and protect wildlife reserves that you are helping them protect.

How to shop consciously

Minimise your impact

Think carefully about the items that you want to purchase. Place one order. Avoiding multiple orders from one retailer can help reduce the number of delivery vans and therefore reduce the amount of potential air pollution.

Natural fabrics & ethical production

Investing in items that are made with enviornmentally friendly fabrics and then produced with ethical production techniques will help to minimise the impact of your purchases.

Cost Per Wear

Consider the cost per wear of the items you'd like to invest in. Are you going to wear them often and for a long time? Make sure the items you buy will have a long useful life. Ideally, ensure they are items that can be repaired when they are well-worn, to further extend their useful life.

Shop Slowly

Avoid the 'urgent', 'last remaining unit' marketing ploys and opt for considered purchases. Plan purchases in advance with shopping lists so that you can be considered and thoughtful with your spending., to avoid impulse purchases that you'll later find yourself regreting.

Black Friday

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