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Pre Order

Why pre-order?

All good things take time. Pre-order items are made to order. This is one of our most environmentally friendly production process as we only produce what is ordered, resulting in zero waste.

Every garment takes time to be made, from cutting out the fabric to sewing together the panels of fabric together. As orders come through our website, we slot these into a schedule for our team to make before they are shipped out to you.

Environmental Impact

Most of the time in fashion companies, large volumes of stock are made before styles are even released to the public.

If those styles are not successful following launch, businesses are left with unsold stock and they are forced to find ways of clearing that leftover stock. This will result in either heavily discounting to push the unwanted stock onto customers, or to destroy the garments. Some of these businesses have even been quoted as saying that "demolishing goods was just part of its' strategy to preserve its reputation of exclusivity."

At AYM we are committed to conscious production. We don't produce stock before we release new designs. All new styles are sold on a made to order basis. This allows our customers to decide what styles we should make and we only produce garments based on this real-time customer demand. By doing this, we avoid having excess stock that becomes waste. This allows us to work towards a zero waste supply chain.

Covid-19 Pre Order

The pre-order option has been especially helpful for our business to remain operational during Covid-19 - as it has allowed our team to stagger the production of garments. Taking the necessary time to make sure that every garment is made to the highest quality.

The pre-order option allows us to continue operating, whilst we are experiencing restrictions caused by Covid-19. We are operating a very streamlined supply chain at the moment, with our sewing machinists working within an isolated work structure to ensure their safety.

We are offering pre-order on new arrivals and certain pre-order styles that take longer for our team to make. This gives our team more time to ensure the excellent quality of our production is maintained.

Please note there may be delays on all orders caused by Covid-19, you can check our order status page here.

How do we process pre-orders?

Pre-orders are paid for in the same way as our other items. Add them to your cart and process the payment with your choice payment method. the order will be received by our team and we will add the order to our production plan, to make your garments within the stated time on the pre-order product. 


We accept returns and exchanges on pre-order items. The refund policy has been extended to 60 days from the date of delivery. Therefore, once your pre-order item has been delivered to you, you will have 60 days to return your item.


Delivery times will depend on the option that you select at the checkout. Pre-order times stated will be in addition to the delivery option you select. For example; if you select 'VIP Next Day Delivery' and the pre-order time is 3 weeks. It will be 3 weeks + next day delivery for your pre-order garment to arrive with you.

Length of Time

The pre-order time period reflects the length of time that our team need to make the pre-order item for you. Depending on the complexity of the style, some garments take longer for us to make. Therefore pre-order times can range from 3 - 6 weeks. If you hover over the 'Pre Order' button it will show you how many weeks the item you are looking at will take.

Split Deliveries 

If your order contains items that are available to ship right away, alongside pre-order items, we ship all items together. This is to ensure that we are maintaining our commitment to be more environmentally friendly. Shipping all items at the same time, ensures we are minimising our impact on the environment by shipping once rather than multiple times. 

If you require the items that are ready to be processed ahead of the pre-order items, please let us know at the checkout within 'notes' or alternatively, get in touch with our team (who are still responding to emails within 24 hours Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm UK time) who will happily arrange this for you: info@aym-studio.com



We ship worldwide, including to the US, UK, UAE, Canada, European Countries and Australia. Free Shipping is available when you spend over a certain amount. We offer a range of delivery services to best suit your needs. Returns and exchanges are available on all full price items, including pre-order styles.

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We are on a mission to make sustainability a non-negotiable. We believe that all clothing should be made in a planet and people friendly way.

You can read more about what we're doing to make our clothes as sustainably as possible here.


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