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Take it day by day

Take it day by day

We're looking for ways to take back some control in our daily lives. One of the ways that we are doing this, is through creating daily & weekly plans to keep ourselves motivated and feeling productive. 

We've created a couple of templates that you can follow, which we hope that you'll enjoy using.

You can find the PDF templates by clicking on these links here:



Click the links and download the PDFs for a printable version.

A few things we are doing every day:

  • Staying hydrated - drinking enough water to keep our bodies hydrated.
  • Keeping social - making sure we call friends & family.
  • Keeping active with daily exercise.
  • Doing something fun! We're doing something we are passionate about each day such as reading a book / doing something creative.
  • Staying aware of how we are feeling.
  • Eating nutritious food to keep our energy levels up and our health in order.
  • Following a daily plan so that we have a sense of routine.
  • Tracking what day it is to avoid the days blurring together.

We've made space for all of the above actions on our Daily Plan layout. 

We hope that these layouts will be useful for you.




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