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Again and again and again

Again and again and again

First off, Happy Earth Week to all you lovely AYM Insiders!

Of course, we believe that Earth Week should be every week, but what better time than now to highlight the sustainability discussion and keep it flowing.

Today we’re talking about how we can design for sustainability and longevity, and how this involves more than just sourcing an eco-friendly fabric.

Throughout the last year, we’ve been enjoying getting creative by producing designs we can wear in multiple different ways. This might not strike you as a sustainable decision at first, however, we believe wholeheartedly in creating clothes that last, and that you’ll love for years to come. 


This involves steering away from trends and creating timeless pieces that can be worn across every season, in lots of different ways.

So, how do our multi-way designs achieve this?

We are all guilty of the subconscious fear of re-wearing, of posting multiple photos in the same outfit or simply showing up in the same top time and time again. And although we wish this wasn’t the case, it’s still a big no no for a lot of people, meaning that clothes often get worn a few times and then discarded.

By designing styles that can morph and evolve into different silhouettes, we hope that they will stay feeling fresh and exciting, and therefore be worn often and for a long time. Everyone loves the feeling of unboxing a new item, or taking home a thrifted item that is new to them, so what if we could have that feeling over and over again from the same piece of clothing? 

We demonstrate ways to wear your multi-way styles on our product pages and social media, but there are always more ways to be discovered. Our hope is that we can give you joy in the form of a new item, but also continued joy as you get creative and find new ways of tying and twisting it, to create a whole new look.

AYM  x

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